Video Design

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Personal projects

Space Jam - Rumble Theatre

Willilish'd - As and When It Happens - 

Wanderlust - My first foray into outdoor film-making, a music video all about a BC winter.

Where We're Going - for NSDF 21 - I was commissioned to create a 3 minute piece title "Where We're Going" by NSDF for their 2021 festival. The piece uses recordings of 7 different people answering the question "where do you see yourself in 5 years?". I did all of the video editing and sound on this piece.

Rum & Coke - Mistaken Identity Theatre Company - We created this piece for NSDF's 2021 festival exploring identity at University through a piece of gig theatre. I video edited, sound designed and produced this piece.

Livestreamed events

I, Frida - Rice & Beans Theatre Company

Anne's Cradle - Rice & Beans Theatre Company

Archival footage


The Frontliners - Playwrights Theatre Centre