Please click the bold, underlined titles of the pieces in the drop down boxes below to view links to the work. 

Sound Design & Composition

Wanderlust - My first foray into outdoor film-making, a music video all about a BC winter.

Home - Rumble Theatre's Lupercalia - Composer. This collection of three short films was created for Rumble Theatre's Lupercalia event in March 2022. The pieces explore 7 people's ideas of what home means to them. 

Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco - Only Lucky Dogs - Sound Designer and Composer. This dark comedy is coming to Sheffield in 2022. For it I wrote a selection of funk, D&B and folk music.

Where We're Going - National Student Drama Festival - Composer and Videographer. This short film uses answers from 7 interviewees about where they saw themselves in 5 years time. It was created for the National Student Drama Festival 2021.

One Way Ticket - Tablespoon Tuesdays - Sound Designer and Composer. I approached the Visual Artist Simin Ma with an idea for a short film after we worked together on Small Time Payback. This short tells the story of an astronaut being separated from his family after an asteroid hits Earth.

Rum & Coke by Mistaken Identity - Sound Designer and Producer. Created as a part of NSDF LAB we are working to create a new piece of gig theatre for their 2021 festival looking at identity and experiences within University.

Small Time Payback - Potluck Festival - Sound Designer. Created for Tablespoon Theatre's Potluck Festival 2021, the story explores the impacts of everyday racism and misogyny in a progressively absurd scenario that culminates in potent revenge. 

Today Was Chill - Composer. My first solo EP which I produced and released by myself. It is a collection of electronic indie pieces inspired by 5 distinct days within lockdown.

Bramble Ramble - Outside In Theatre Company - I sound designed and composed for this audio walk that was designed to get young children to practice mindfulness, and use this as a method of relaxation. For this project I experimented with Foley and used it to create things like dragon noises and 

The Hunger - Composer and Sound Designer. An original piece of fringe style exploring dark and scary themes, this piece was performed at DINA Venue in Sheffield in 2021. Second demo link.

Because I'm Not Perfect Yet - Composer and Musical Director. Piece of original fringe style gig theatre performed by Sheffield University Theatre Company in December 2019. Folk inspired score. Show link. 

The Pillowman - Composer and Sound Designer. Performed by Sheffield University Theatre Company in February 2020. Originally a creepy, surround sound designed show using 13 speakers. Show link.

Journey's End - Sound Designer. Performed by Sheffield University Theatre Company in December 2017. Immersive, hyper-realistic design using true recordings of WWI equipment. Show link.

monster. - Sound Designer. Performed by Sheffield University Theatre Company in November 2018. Creepy, strange surround sound with the entire show created using Foley or instruments. Show link.

Jolene Cover - Musician. A cover of Dolly Parton's Jolene, for Colla Voce's 30 day song challenge.

Don't Shout - Composer. Short film by Shackled Sounds released September 2018.

Tiger Bulb - Composer. A short piece I worked on for a project of Shackled Sounds which later got cancelled.

NSDF Lab Application - Sound Designer. My application for the NSDF project in sound design form.

Right To Vote - Composer and Sound Designer. A piece I wrote in 2017 before the elections in the style of Public Service Broadcasting.

Assorted Composition/Design Ideas - An ever-growing collection of designs and compositions I've created that aren't currently being used in projects.

Video Design & Editing

Wanderlust - My first foray into outdoor film-making, a music video all about a BC winter.

Where We're Going - for NSDF 21 - I was commissioned to create a 3 minute piece title "Where We're Going" by NSDF for their 2021 festival. The piece uses recordings of 7 different people answering the question "where do you see yourself in 5 years?". I did all of the video editing and sound on this piece.

Rum & Coke - Mistaken Identity Theatre Company - We created this piece for NSDF's 2021 festival exploring identity at University through a piece of gig theatre. I video edited, sound designed and produced this piece.

Victoria Park - More than just a park - A charity video for Friends of Victoria Park Stretford I was commissioned to make, showcasing the park so as to let funders know what they were funding. This video was used on their social media pages and sent out to funders. I also created the music to this video and recorded the voiceover.

Live Stream Technician

Party Animals - Neworld Theatre - As sole Technician on this show in December 2021, I took a lead on every aspect of the livestream. This included setup of Youtube and OBS, content creation, lighting setup and operation, sound and video mixing.

The Frontliners - Playwrights Theatre Centre - As Lead on this project in November 2021, I setup and designed the lighting, mixed the video, cameras and sound and used OBS and Youtube for the stream. I was in charge of an Assistant Technician and Stage Manager.

Sound Recordist/Mixer

The Frontliners - Playwrights Theatre Centre - This role involved recording and mixing 2 lapel mics and a boom mic for a filmed and livestreamed performance. 

Council Culture - Lost in Salford - I worked as a Boom Op and Sound Mixer for an episode of Council Culture set in Sheffield in May 2021.

How to Save a Rock - Pigfoot Theatre Company - This piece of digital theatre was shot over 4 days at Slung Low in Leeds during April 2021. The piece used a bike powered generator and was entirely carbon neutral.

Queer Contact Festival - Contact Theatre - This live streamed event sold 300 tickets and I was responsible for the live micing and mixing of 15 people throughout the day.

Gaffer & Key Grip

Collective Creation - CALTAC - For CALTAC's Collective Creation piece, I acted as both Gaffer and Key Grip for the Vancouver stretch of their filming. We worked with a fixed grid and a mix of LED and generic fixtures operated from an ETC Ion desk.