"He brought to life the psychotic horror of the piece with an incredible array of technical details. Various speakers were placed carefully around the theatre space to create a binaural and eerie effect, utilizing point sources and even speakers in Front of House." ... "The sound design in this stood out and was commented on frequently by audiences." - Isabel Potter, Technical Manager of Only Lucky Dogs Theatre Company

"Working with Jack as Production Manager of “Redgrave Shakesbeer Festival” and as a current member of the Sheffield Theatres Young Company has been a pleasure. Jack is proactive and self-motivated, always willing to go above and beyond what is required of him in order to get the most out of a project and the people he is working with. He is a key team player and can turn his hand to any role with ease utilising his focused yet fun-loving attitude. Jack is a forward thinking theatre-maker, with one eye always following current trends in the industry. He also champions accessible work and has a strong sense of authentic inclusion within the arts. I look forward to seeing the work that Jack produces in the future and would recommend him as a fantastic addition to any team." - Pippa Atkinson, Producer of Redgrave Shakesbeer Festival and Learning Projects Producer of Sheffield People's Theatre

"Most notably in my mind is the immersive multi-channel spatial audio experience curated by Jack for a student theatre performance. The system made use of 11 discrete speaker sources and was capable of faithfully reproducing the vision of Jack’s immersive 3D sound design. This willingness to experiment, explore and learn new techniques is clearly a defining feature of his character." - Ian Caballero, Head of Sound at Performance Venues Sheffield.

"Jack is a passionately motivated theatre creative, who I can highly recommend working with. I have had the pleasure of working with Jack in a number of roles, and he has always brought strong creative ideas to the team, alongside a great understanding of the realities of bringing creative concepts to life. Jack is a great collaborator, especially when working on immersive pieces, with a keen eye and ear for creating a strong design across all departments." - Tom Robbins, Production Manager


"Some of the best sound design I’ve heard from a SUTCo production, by designer Jack Goodison. Sound was used throughout the play to separate the real from the unreal, ‘reality’ from story, working seamlessly with the plot in a way that only careful, dedicated design can." - Anonymous review of "The Pillowman"

"It may seem strange to those that have not seen the play, but some of the most moving moments of the production came off stage, with the audience clearly imagining the terrors happening beyond the bunker when the missions finally take place, thanks to incredible audio and lighting from the sound team of Jack Goodison and Mia Hall" - Last Night I Dreamt Of review of "Journey's End"

"It was the use of sound that brought me fully into Huxtable’s chaotic nightmare. When Bowles, Bevan and the shadows broke into a dance scene, disco dancing along to Sweet Jane, I thought I might be the one who had lost their mind." - Kiloran's review of "monster."

"I think chill is exactly the right word for it. The song is an easy-going tune that flows by effortlessly. It brings a sense of tranquility to your day, however manic the world might be." - Reyt Good Magazine whilst reviewing "Grey Annotations"